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Finally, 2011

2011-01-02 19:29:31 by AlbinoWolf

So glad to finally get 2010 over and done with. For me, this year really had to suck. Not only did one of my closest relatives die, but my family and I had a decrease in the amount of money we had this year, so we barely made it by. I'm just hoping that 2011 is better, with less struggles along the way. I know I'm late, but happy new year and I hope your 2011 doesn't suck like my 2010 did. :)

New Computer

2010-11-28 09:14:13 by AlbinoWolf

Well recently my old computer got this virus and the whole thing wiped out on me to the point I couldn't even turn it on without getting the bsod (well it was over 10 years old anyway) but now I have this friggen AWESOME new computer and all my games look so sick on it! Cost me around $700, and now I get no Christmas because i have no money but oh well. >_<
Upside: New computer

Art Piece

2010-10-03 11:14:10 by AlbinoWolf

Hey all, I've started working yesterday on a new piece, and I've already gone through many hours of work. Hopefully this one will turn out exactly like I have it in my mind, and to be honest, I really love how its turning out. I'm hoping to have it done soon, but no promises! (i have a bad attention span...)


2010-08-07 20:37:58 by AlbinoWolf

I finally got scouted! Whoo hoo!
been waiting for what seems like months, but I have no sense of time so I really have no idea :D
so you can rate my stuff now! I'll accept anything that'll help me work better when i draw :)
thank you so much! ^^

Still Working

2010-06-16 17:21:59 by AlbinoWolf

I'm starting on an animation, all hand'll probably take me more then a few weeks. I kinda put off work a lot...


2010-06-05 15:27:54 by AlbinoWolf

I'm going to start working on some stuff soon, mainly art. I recently got a drawing pad so this will be interesting..If anyone is actually reading this, be patient. Art for me on the computer can take up to months.