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love it :D

my fav is number 19 x3


Although he's supposed to be L, he's more like BB! I love you :D (not really xD)


flashing lights xD

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Love it but..

This game has such great art and it flows so smoothly without any lag. The only problem I have with it is that most of the medals are broken such as the I Love Dem Clouds medal and the Evolve to Final Level medal. If all the medals could be fixed it would be nice to actually have the medals instead of just having the achievement in-game. If this were fixed, I'd give this game 10/10.

Love it

The detail for the four types of zombies is AMAZING, and I also love how the soldiers were designed with their actions and movements. The realistic values in the game are wonderful, and I could really picture this being in 3D for other systems, if ever made into an actual game you can buy. I agree, it kinda does have a left 4 dead feel, but at the same time it has uniqueness of its own. The only thing I found as a downside is the fact that GuineaPigJesus said, about the car crashing. I'd try to get the helicopter down, but then I'd crash and it wouldn't work. Same thing about the whole "not getting to the sign at the right time" thing. I understand that getting rid of the helicopter is meant to be hard, but it does get really frustrating. Overall though, this really is an awesome game and it really is one of my favourites. ^^

whoo! #9!

This game was so fun, and it was challenging, but I felt kinda bad after I killed everybody xD

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I love it

I would love to hear even more, I have a new favourite <3

Wintak responds:

Thanks a ton for the support. This one is one of my favorites (being the drummer) I enjoy playing it. Hopefully new material soon at myspace.com/arebamdmass

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i love kaito! he has to be my favourite vocaloid ^^
the only thing i think that could use a bit of work is the arms...they seem a bit off..but other than that i love it ^^

darkminister48 responds:

Yeah the hand is to puny.

made me smile

never heard of this or even thought of this before xD
smart idea, very clever :)


i love the colouring and the expression :D

"Say goodbye Caroline" "Goodbye Caroline"

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